Industry specific AI Sales Assistants

Recruitment Sales Assistant

Get your own Recruitment Sales Assistant at 1/10th of the cost. Connect with thousands of HR heads at scale.

AI Sales Assistant

AI assistant automatically follows up with all your leads to convert more leads into Hot leads so that you can focus on closing more deals.  


Business value seen by some of the users

Get your own sales assistant at 1/10th the cost

7Targets provide AI Assistants to your Sales team at 1/10th the cost of human Assistant

You get more engaged & converted leads

AI Assistants gives DOUBLE the engagement results with your prospects

Create a healthy sales pipeline for you

AI Sales Assistant's unmatched consistency with relevant success stories addresses at least one pain point that invokes a response.

You get double response with targeted nurturing

AI Assistant sends a SEQUENCE of RELEVANT success stories to prospects, which HIT at least one key pain point.

What does the AI Assistant do?

AI Assistant nurtures the leads by writing, reading and responding to emails like a human

Assign leads to AI Assistant

Upload excel file with Facebook leads, website leads, event leads, etc. Assistant will intelligently extract and own the leads.

You convert more opportunities
Assistant writes human like emails and follows-up too

Emails are auto-generated by the assistant using your core offerings. Providing bit size information in the email for focused nurturing.

You convert more opportunities
Assistant reads and process responses

Assistant reads and responds to email, like asking for brochure, connecting after 3 months, etc.

You convert more opportunities

Why people love us?

Sales typically get 40% of their time back

They get an Assistant who works 24X7 with no leaves and HR issues. 

Assistant can manage 100's of follow-up alone without missing any.

AI Sales Assistant reminds the sales too if they miss a response from a lead.

Integrates with CRM

Your AI Assistant becomes a user in your CRM. Owns the assigned lead, keeps it updated and let know when a response is received.

AI Sales Assistant focuses on Lead Nurturing to convert Cold leads to Warm & Hot.

Contact Info

Creaticity, Off Airport Rd, Yerawada, Pune, Maharashtra 411006

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